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China Risk
Chinese convoy, which consists of 160 fishing boats(ships?) came into Japanese EEZ for the operation. They are not allowed to catch fish there. Thirty(30) of them came into Japanese territory. Japanese Coast Guard captured a boat after collision with it. It caused on Sep 7th. The location is Senkaku in Okinawa Islands area, near to Taiwan.

The captain of the boat is still arrested under Japanese government. Chinese government is claiming about it and insisting that even Okinawa is Chinese territory. China is telling everything can be happened and it is due to Japanese faults/responsibility, non-officially. It sounds the declaration of war.

Chinese tourists(10,000) canceled their travel to Japan for the penalty and they will never pay for the cancel fee, and so on. Today, I heard a news that one of subsidiary companies of Toyota Motor is punished, because the company's sales promotion fee is taken as a bribe/corruption. Toyota and many companies are hostages.

It is possible that the tragedy of Spratly in the Philippines would occur in Japan. The crisis is present.
Which country is the furthest? Philippines? Indonesia? Malaysia? Vietnam? or China?

FYI: Spratly has been occupied by China after USA Navy had gone from the Philippines.


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